Sound Design

Sound design is an essential element for films, television, video games, websites and presentations. We can create your vision, from planning to production.
Living Culture takes your program material and inserts audio elements like narration, sound effects, and background music. All audio elements are carefully constructed and/or created for your program. The resulting refined audio is integrated into your program–an indispensable aid for supporting your visuals.

We Offer Sound Design For

  • Television and radio commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Educational projects, including online training videos
  • Web presentations
  • Promos
  • Store announcements
  • Financial, medical, corporate and industrial narration
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Sweetening video with our extensive sound effects and music library
  • Documentaries
  • Audio books
  • Cartoons, animation projects and videogames
  • Dubbings
  • Podcasts

What Can Sound Design Do for Your Project?

  • Reinforces and enhances the visual experience of your material
  • Establishes a general atmosphere
  • Evokes specific emotions
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