Sonic Branding Gives You The Edge

What do companies like McDonalds, Intel and Mazda have that separates them from the rest?

Their Sonic Brands can be heard everywhere. Firstly, they understand that their sonic brand needs to be attached to everything they do in order to become universally associated with their brand. Secondly, their sonic brands allow for distinctive branding - reinforcing the identity of the brand in the consumer's mind every time it is heard.

Since sound stimulates emotion so powerfully, and is perceived almost subconsciously, it becomes a potent memory trigger without even requiring the initial attention of the listener. Repeated continually, a sonic brand can steadily alter brand perception as well influence how customers react to products and services. All without them even realizing this.

An effective sonic brand used everywhere and every time it can, can help your company reinforce your customer's memory triggers and efficiently promote your brand.

"Marketers that don't understand the power of music will simply be left behind," said McDonald's CMO Mary Dillon.

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