What is Sonic Branding?

A sonic brand is the is the aural equivalent of a visual trademark. They can convey the individual nature of a business by sound instead of the company name. Sonic brands are aural identities that penetrate both parts of the brain; emotional and logical . The sonic brand uses the power of music to trigger an emotional response; utilizing voice, sound design, original music or combinations.

The most widely used form of sonic branding is the sonic logo; a short musical piece. Just like graphic designers select a font that matches a brand, these sonic brands can be selected to match brand ethics and represent brand values.

Apart from creating an emotional response, sonic brands also create familiarity. Think of the Windows' opening sound or the Nokia tune. They not only identify a brand, but also a certain function or activity. The goal of a sonic brand is to use sound to impart a specific mood with yourcustomer that offers an auxiliary awareness to your product or service.

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