Audio Post Production

Our post production process includes editing the recorded audio into separate files, using the filename convention you choose. Sound effects and library music can be added according to your needs.

We also offer any audio correction you may need. We can do everything from cleaning up your audio tracks to restructuring them to your needs. We prepare your audio for any format from CD's to websites to interactive software simulations. Send us your script and audio file of your language listening comprehension tests or other recorded files, and we can clean up your audio for optimal performance and playback.

Our post production services include:

  • Adding library music and sound FX.
  • File splitting and renaming
  • Removing unwanted noise, such as hiss and breathe noise.
  • Volume level correction
  • Inserting pauses where needed
  • Increases or decreases in speed
  • Alignment of repeats
  • Mastering for optimal playback on your broadcast medium.

    Please send us your full project details for a quote .