Methods for Recording Taiwanese Mandarin Voiceover:

Taiwanese Mandarin lip-sync dubbing replaces an on-screen speaker's voice in such a way that the spoken Mandarin words relatively synchronized with the movements of the on-screen speaker's mouth. The goal of the Mandarin lip sync is to make it look like the on-screen speaker is speaking in Mandarin

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With Taiwanese Mandarin UN-style voiceover, one hears the source language speaker at low volume and the Mandarin narrator reading the translation at a higher volume level. This type of Mandarin voiceover is used in documentaries, interviews, and news broadcasts. The intention is to maintain the character of the source language.

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Taiwanese Mandarin "off-camera narration" is narration in which the narrator doesn't appear on screen. The narrator merely speaks in Mandarin over the footage.

"Lock-to-picture" means that the recording equipment is configured so that with the audio can be recorded in sync with the existing video footage. This method is required for most audio being recorded for video post-production.

We Offer Mandarin Chinese Voiceovers for:

  • E-learning and training materials
  • TV commercials and radio spots
  • Audio books, podcasts, films and documentaries narration
  • Animation character voices for games, avatars, cartoons
  • Corporate business presentations
  • Software user interface
  • Product documentation (online or printed)
  • User assistance, help systems
  • Marketing materials
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Web sites and other online content and applications
  • Customer and product support materials
  • Multimedia, audio and video
  • Industry-specific material

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